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Rena.Cold AppetizersCheese assortedVillage cheeseCheese LoriSheep s cheeseMeat assortedFresh vegetablesGreensHomemade picklesOlives and lemonStrained yogurtRejanBreadBread assortedSaladsSalad CaesarSalad with chickenSalad CapitalSalad ArgentinianSalad RenaGreek saladSummer saladSoupsSoup Saltwort Soup PitiSoup KharchoSoup SpasSoup BorshchHot DishesBeef khashlamaBeef tzhvzhikKhinkali with beefFried Khinkali with beefLamb khashlamaHomemade chickenFried chick with potatoesChakhokhbili with chickenPork JarkoeFishBoiled TroutTrout BBQSterlet BBQBBQPork ribs BBQPork boneless BBQPork loin BBQPork iki birVeal sirloin BBQVeal heart and lung BBQBeef kebabLamb mix BBQChicken BBQChicken wings BBQVegetable BBQPotatoe BBQPizza and KhachapuriPizza RenaPizza PepperoniPizza TraditionalMegrelian khachapuriImeretian khachapuriAdjarian khachapuriGarnishFried potatoesMashed potatoesArishtaOmeletteOmelette with basturmaOmelette with green peasOmelette with tomatoWith beerSpicy wingsSoft DrinksLemonade Kilikia Lemonade Rena 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5l Armenian

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Cold Appetizers
Cheese assorted
#3 Cheese assorted
cheese Roquefort, Dutch, Lori, Chechil, Suluguni
1600 AMD

Village cheese
#4 Village cheese
200g, cheese Lori, Sheep s
1000 AMD

Cheese Lori
500 AMD

Sheep s cheese
400 AMD

Meat assorted
#7 Meat assorted
pork fillet, basturma, bacon, smoked sausage
2100 AMD

Fresh vegetables
#9 Fresh vegetables
tomato, cucumber, spicy pepper
1200 AMD

600 AMD

Homemade pickles
#11 Homemade pickles
cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, spicy pepper, carrot, bean, tomato
1000 AMD

Olives and lemon
1000 AMD

Strained yogurt
600 AMD

#14 Rejan
800 AMD

Bread assorted
#17 Bread assorted
bread white, black, lavash
500 AMD

Salad Caesar
#18 Salad Caesar
250g, chicken breast, cheese Parmesan, tomato, lettuce, sauce, crutones
1600 AMD

Salad with chicken
#20 Salad with chicken
250g, chicken breast, nuts, garlic, greens, spices, sour cream, mayonnaise
1300 AMD

Salad Capital
#21 Salad Capital
200g, beef, potatoes, carrot, green peas, marinated cucumber, greens, spices, sour cream, mayonnaise
1200 AMD

Salad Argentinian
#22 Salad Argentinian
200g, chicken breast, beet, carrot, garlic, nuts, spices, sour cream, mayonnaise
1200 AMD

Salad Rena
#23 Salad Rena
200g, beef, marinated cucumber, bell pepper, corn, greens, green onion, spices
1800 AMD

Soup Piti
#32 Soup Piti
served without lavash
1200 AMD

Boiled Trout
3500 AMD

Trout BBQ
#116 Trout BBQ
1pc, 900-1000g
3500 AMD

Sterlet BBQ
#117 Sterlet BBQ
price for 1kg, 1 whole starlet is 2.3-2.5kg, before ordering a whole fish, please contact operator to clarify the fish weight at the moment
5000 AMD

Pork ribs BBQ
#119 Pork ribs BBQ
400g, 4-5pcs
3000 AMD

Pork boneless BBQ
2600 AMD

Pork loin BBQ
#121 Pork loin BBQ
350g, 2-3pcs
3000 AMD

Pork iki bir
1300 AMD

Veal sirloin BBQ
#124 Veal sirloin BBQ
350g, 3-4pcs
3500 AMD

Veal heart and lung BBQ
1800 AMD

Beef kebab
800 AMD

Lamb mix BBQ
#127 Lamb mix BBQ
350g, 4-5pcs
3300 AMD

Chicken BBQ
#132 Chicken BBQ
400g, 4pcs
1800 AMD

Chicken wings BBQ
#133 Chicken wings BBQ
300g, 8-10pcs
1200 AMD

Vegetable BBQ
#135 Vegetable BBQ
eggplant, pepper, tomato
1300 AMD

Potatoe BBQ
#136 Potatoe BBQ
200g, 6-7pcs
400 AMD

Pizza and Khachapuri
Pizza Rena
2100 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#145 Pizza Pepperoni
6pcs, sausage pepperoni, cheese Suluguni, Dutch, oregano, sauce
1800 AMD

Pizza Traditional
#147 Pizza Traditional
6pcs, cheese Suluguni, Dutch, mushrooms, chicken breast, tomato, marinated cucumber, sauce
2000 AMD

Adjarian khachapuri
1000 AMD

With beer
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Sam A.
04 Oct 2021
Ani V.
12 Sep 2021
Հացի տեսականին չէին դրել
22 May 2020
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Rena
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