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Rome Restaurant.AppetizersMeat AssortmentCheese AssortmentSaladsSalad Caesar with ChickenSalad RomeSalad GreekSalad MeatSoupSpasMushroom Cream-SoupBBQMix BBQ for 2 PersonMix BBQ for 4-6 PersonBBQ SterledGarnishCheese BallsChicken Nuggets with French FriesGrilles Sausages MixPizzaPizza VegaPizza PepperoniSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5lFanta 0.5lCoca-Cola 1lFanta 1l Armenian, European
Rome Restaurant

Armenian, European
24 hours

Rome Restaurant

Meat Assortment
#1 Meat Assortment
500g, ham, salami, veal tongue, basturma, sujukh
4000 AMD

Cheese Assortment
#2 Cheese Assortment
600g, cheese Gouda, Rockfort, Parmesan, Chechil, Suluguni, Lori
4000 AMD

Salad Caesar with Chicken
#4 Salad Caesar with Chicken
420g,chicken fillet, cherry tomato, cheese Parmesan
2800 AMD

Salad Rome
#6 Salad Rome
500g, 5beef fillet, cheese Parmesan, cherry tomato, pepper, sauce
4000 AMD

Salad Greek
#7 Salad Greek
580g, tomato, cucumber, pepper, olive, cheese Feta
2800 AMD

Salad Meat
#9 Salad Meat
600g, veal fillet, chicken fillet, arugula, Parmesan cheese
3500 AMD

#11 Spas
350g,strained yougurt, sour cream
1000 AMD

Mushroom Cream-Soup
#12 Mushroom Cream-Soup
380g, mushroom, cream, wine
1500 AMD

Mix BBQ for 2 Person
#14 Mix BBQ for 2 Person
2,3kg, lamb, pork, veal, chicken, vegetable kebab, plech
9000 AMD

Mix BBQ for 4-6 Person
#15 Mix BBQ for 4-6 Person
4,5kg, lamb, veal, pork, chicken, vegetable kebab, plech
17000 AMD

BBQ Sterled
10000 AMD

Cheese Balls
#18 Cheese Balls
350g,cheese Suluguni
1500 AMD

Chicken Nuggets with French Fries
#19 Chicken Nuggets with French Fries
650g,chicken breast, ketchup, mayonnaise, french fries
2500 AMD

Grilles Sausages Mix
#20 Grilles Sausages Mix
600g,sausages with intestines, German, sardines, sauce
3500 AMD

Pizza Vega
#22 Pizza Vega
6pcs, pepper, msuhroom, tomato, arugula, cheese Mozzarella
3200 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#24 Pizza Pepperoni
6pcs, peppenero, cheese Mozzarella, pepper, pelati sauce
4000 AMD

Soft Drinks
Fanta 1l
650 AMD

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