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Sky Hot Dog.Hot-DogBerner hot dogKrainski hot dog with cheeseBratwurst hot dogBuren spicy hot dogAssorted SausagesSausages assortment smallSausages assortment Mini BernerSausages assortment Mini KrainskiSausages assortment bigSausages assortment BratwurstSausages assortment BernerAssortment KrainskiFantaSpriteCoca ColaFantaSpriteMineral water BjniSpring water ByureghPepsiCoca Cola CoffeeWater Bon AquaPulpyIce Tea Fuze Tea American
Sky Hot Dog

Working hours
10:00 - 22:00

Sky Hot Dog

Berner hot dog
#1 Berner hot dog
1pc, sausage with bacon and cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, made on coal
950 AMD

Krainski hot dog with cheese
1150 AMD

Bratwurst hot dog
#3 Bratwurst hot dog
1pc, made on coal
750 AMD

Buren spicy hot dog
1150 AMD

Assorted Sausages
Sausages assortment small
#5 Sausages assortment small
450g, sausages with bacon and cheese 3pcs, Nuremberg sausages 3pcs, sausages with cheese 3pcs, kupati 1pc, made on coal
4850 AMD

Sausages assortment Mini Berner
#6 Sausages assortment Mini Berner
250g, sausage with bacon and cheese 8pcs, made on coal
3250 AMD

Sausages assortment Mini Krainski
#7 Sausages assortment Mini Krainski
250g, sausages with cheese 8pcs, made on coal
3150 AMD

Sausages assortment big
#8 Sausages assortment big
900g, Krainski sausages 3pcs, sausages with bacon and cheese 2pcs, Bratwurst 3pcs, Debretsiner 4pcs (2 spiced), made on coal
9450 AMD

Sausages assortment Bratwurst
#9 Sausages assortment Bratwurst
360g, sausage Bratwurst 3pcs, made on coal
2850 AMD

Sausages assortment Berner
#10 Sausages assortment Berner
300g, Berner sausages 3pcs, made on coal
2850 AMD

Assortment Krainski
#11 Assortment Krainski
360g, Krainski sausages with cheese 3pcs, made on coal
3150 AMD

#30 Fanta
250 AMD

#31 Sprite
250 AMD

Coca Cola
300 AMD

#33 Fanta
300 AMD

300 AMD

#37 Pepsi
150 AMD

Coca Cola Coffee
350 AMD

Water Bon Aqua
150 AMD

#40 Pulpy
450 AMD

Ice Tea Fuze Tea
400 AMD

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Анд Т.
14 Apr 2020
Sona T.
16 Oct 2019
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Sky Hot Dog
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