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Zanazan.SaladsSummer SaladSalad TabboulehHummusZanazan N1Zanazan N2MouhamaraMoutabalAssortment of saladsEggplant caviarGreek saladEggplant and cheese saladDough DishesLahmajo AngusLahmajo with CheeseHot Lahmajo UrfaLahmajo with Pomegranate SyrupLahmajo AntebAdjarian KhachapuriAdjarian Khachapuri with BasturmaLahmajo Angus with CheeseClosed BurgerPideMain DishesVeal Sirloin BBQVeal Fillet with CheeseShish TawoukLamb FilletLamb Fillet with Eggplant and CheeseLamb LoinVeal Fillet with PotatoAngus KebabAngus Kebab in PlateAdana KebabAdana Kebab in plateKebab in doughKebab in dough with mushroom and cheeseLamb Chop ShishKebab topped EggplantStuffed EggplantKebab in PardaVeal lung BBQMeat Set For 2-3 PersonPork BBQ NeckPork BBQ RibsLamb Fillet with Homemade PotatoPide with Lamb and OlivesVeal fillet with eggplant and cheesePork Loin with French FriesAngus balls with cranberries and yogurtGarnishBulgur PilafRice PilafBBQ PotatoBreadBreadSnacksDessertPistachio DessertMilk dessertPakhlava with pistachioSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.25lSprite 0.25lFanta 0.25lSpring water Byuregh 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5lBeerBeer Alexandrapol 0.5лBeer Stella Artois 0.33l Eastern

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Summer Salad
#1 Summer Salad
220g, tomato, cucumber, parsley, lemon
1300 AMD

Salad Tabbouleh
#4 Salad Tabbouleh
220g, bulgur, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pomegranate, oil, mint, arugula, cinnamon, parsley, salt
1600 AMD

#6 Hummus
220g, chickpeas, tahini sauce, oil, lemon
1400 AMD

Zanazan N1
#8 Zanazan N1
220g, strained yogurt, red and green sweet peppers, tomato, oil
1400 AMD

Zanazan N2
#10 Zanazan N2
220g, tomato paste, red and green sweet peppers, tomato
1400 AMD

#12 Mouhamara
220g, sweet adjika, tomato paste, sesame
1300 AMD

1400 AMD

Assortment of salads
#17 Assortment of salads
Zanazan 1, Zanazan 2, Hummus, Mutabal and one portion of bread
2700 AMD

Greek salad
#19 Greek salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, red olives, red onions, feta cheese, crispy lettuce, branded sauce
1700 AMD

Eggplant and cheese salad
#20 Eggplant and cheese salad
grilled eggplant, grated cheese, dried tomatoes, crushed walnuts
2200 AMD

Dough Dishes
Lahmajo Angus
#25 Lahmajo Angus
180g, 38x24cm, angus beef, parsley, green and red sweet peppers
1200 AMD

Hot Lahmajo Urfa
#31 Hot Lahmajo Urfa
180g, 38x24cm, lamb, parsley, green and red sweet peppers, hot pepper
1300 AMD

Lahmajo with Pomegranate Syrup
#32 Lahmajo with Pomegranate Syrup
180g, 38x24cm, lamb, parsley, green and red sweet peppers, pomegranate syrup
1400 AMD

Lahmajo Anteb
#33 Lahmajo Anteb
180g, 38x24cm, lamb, beef, parsley, green and red peppers
1200 AMD

Adjarian Khachapuri
#34 Adjarian Khachapuri
200g, egg, cheese Suluguni, Lori
1500 AMD

Adjarian Khachapuri with Basturma
#41 Adjarian Khachapuri with Basturma
220g, cheese Suluguni, Lori, basturma
1700 AMD

Lahmajo Angus with Cheese
#43 Lahmajo Angus with Cheese
angus, cheese Sulguni, Lori
1500 AMD

Closed Burger
#46 Closed Burger
burger in dough,beef,Special sauce,Ketchup,French fries
3900 AMD

1800 AMD

Main Dishes
Veal Sirloin BBQ
#49 Veal Sirloin BBQ
4-5pcs, 360g, veal sirloin, res onion, eggplant
4100 AMD

Veal Fillet with Cheese
#54 Veal Fillet with Cheese
4pcs, 150g, pilaf, 2 types of marinated onion, Greek yogurt
4500 AMD

Shish Tawouk
#56 Shish Tawouk
4-5pcs, 300g, chicken breast, hot pepper, tomato, onion spiced with sumakh
2900 AMD

Lamb Fillet
#60 Lamb Fillet
200g, 5-6pcs, lamb fillet, hot pepper, tomato, onion spiced with sumakh
3500 AMD

Lamb Loin
#63 Lamb Loin
200g, 4pcs, lamb loin, hot pepper, tomato, onion spiced with sumakh
4300 AMD

Veal Fillet with Potato
#64 Veal Fillet with Potato
200g, 2pcs, veal fillet, potato chips, sauce
4400 AMD

Angus Kebab
#66 Angus Kebab
140g, angus beef, onion spiced with sumakh, rolled in lavash
1300 AMD

Angus Kebab in Plate
#68 Angus Kebab in Plate
Angus kebab, pilaf, 2 types of marinated onion, Greek yogurt
2100 AMD

Adana Kebab
#69 Adana Kebab
160g, lamb, red and green sweet peppers, rolled in lavash
1500 AMD

Adana Kebab in plate
#70 Adana Kebab in plate
120g, lamb Adana kebab, pilaf, 2 types of marinated onion, Greek yogurt
2300 AMD

Kebab in dough
#71 Kebab in dough
200g, lamb, veal, Greek yogurt, firm red sauce, pistachio
3200 AMD

Lamb Chop Shish
#75 Lamb Chop Shish
175g, lamb, marinated onion, BBQ tomato, hot pepper
3200 AMD

Kebab in Parda
#85 Kebab in Parda
280g, kebab with lamb and veal, marinated okra, salad with tomato and onion
3700 AMD

Veal lung BBQ
#90 Veal lung BBQ
veal leng, okra bbq, onion,
3600 AMD

Meat Set For 2-3 Person
#91 Meat Set For 2-3 Person
lamb loin 2pc, lamb fillet 300gr, veal fillet 200gr, chicken fillet 300gr, lamb and veal mix kebab 160gr, lamb, veal and vegetable kebab 160gr, 1 portion of bread, grilled eggplant and tomato
13400 AMD

Pork BBQ Neck
#93 Pork BBQ Neck
400g, pork boneless, potato pletch, spicy pepper, onion with sumac, firm red sauce
4800 AMD

Pork BBQ Ribs
#96 Pork BBQ Ribs
pork ribs, potatoes baked with cheese in oven, half a portion of bread, red and green sauces
4900 AMD

Lamb Fillet with Homemade Potato
#100 Lamb Fillet with Homemade Potato
lamb fillet, served with village potatoes stuffed with greek hot yogurt sauce
3400 AMD

Pide with Lamb and Olives
#102 Pide with Lamb and Olives
lamb, cheese Suluguni, Olives
1800 AMD

Veal fillet with eggplant and cheese
#103 Veal fillet with eggplant and cheese
Eggplant Barbecue and Mozzarella Cheese Barbecue with lamb fillet
4300 AMD

Pork Loin with French Fries
#108 Pork Loin with French Fries
2pcs pork loin, baked potatoes are served in the oven with hot yogurt and butter
4800 AMD

Angus balls with cranberries and yogurt
#109 Angus balls with cranberries and yogurt
juicy kebab balls made from Angus meat are served with a combination of cooked cranberries and crushed pistachios. The dish is unique with its meaty accent and unique sweet and sour taste
3100 AMD

Bulgur Pilaf
#111 Bulgur Pilaf
homemade with boiled eggplant and sweet peppers
900 AMD

Rice Pilaf
#112 Rice Pilaf
rice pilaf with spices, made with rosemary pasta
700 AMD

BBQ Potato
#113 BBQ Potato
potatoes grilled in charcoal, served spiced, seasoned with peppers, salt and butter
600 AMD

#115 Bread
hot bread baked on the spot, crispy, with sesame seeds on it can be served without sesame at the customer s request
500 AMD

Pistachio Dessert
#126 Pistachio Dessert
delivery without ice-cream
2200 AMD

Pakhlava with pistachio
#128 Pakhlava with pistachio
eastern style and recipe, indescribably delicious pakhlava with pistachio
2100 AMD

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