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Zara Restaurant

Indian, Asian
Working hours
11:00 - 23:00

Zara Restaurant

Chana chat
#2 Chana chat
200g, chickpeas, onion, tomato, mint sauce
1500 AMD

Paneer pakoda
#3 Paneer pakoda
200g, cottage cheese, chickpeas
3000 AMD

Aloo Chat
#4 Aloo Chat
200g, potato, onion, tomato, mint, yogurt sauce
1500 AMD

Vegetable pakoda
#5 Vegetable pakoda
200g, mix vegetable, chickpeas,
1500 AMD

#7 Samosa
300g, 2pcs, flaky pastry stuffed with potato and green peas
1000 AMD

Non vegetable dishes
Chicken masala
#9 Chicken masala
250g, chicken, onion and tomato sauce
3000 AMD

Butter chicken
#10 Butter chicken
250g, chicken, butter and tomato creamy sauce
3800 AMD

Chicken curry
#11 Chicken curry
250g, lightly spiced chicken, mild sauce
3000 AMD

Dal chicken
#12 Dal chicken
250g, chicken, lentil sauce
3000 AMD

Chicken fried rice
#13 Chicken fried rice
300g, chicken, vegetable, rice, Chinese seasoning
3000 AMD

Chicken Korma
#15 Chicken Korma
200g, chicken, creamy garlic, onion sauce
3200 AMD

Mutton Korma
#16 Mutton Korma
250g, lamb, creamy garlic onion sauce
3800 AMD

Chicken Biryani
#17 Chicken Biryani
350g, chicken, herbs, Basmati rice
3300 AMD

Chicken noodles
#18 Chicken noodles
350g, chicken, noodles, Chinese seasoning
3000 AMD

Kadai chicken
#19 Kadai chicken
200g, chicken in medium spice sauce, onion, capsicum
3300 AMD

Mutton masala
#20 Mutton masala
300g, mutton, spicy sauce
3800 AMD

Mutton Curry
#21 Mutton Curry
250g, lamb, onion, curry sauce
3500 AMD

Chicken 65
#22 Chicken 65
350g, butter, chicken, Indian herbs
3000 AMD

Chilli chicken
#23 Chilli chicken
200g, chicken, hot and sour sauce
3500 AMD

Mutton Biryani
#24 Mutton Biryani
400g, lamb, spicy sauce, basmati rice
3500 AMD

Vegetable dishes
Baigaan Bharta
#26 Baigaan Bharta
200g, eggplant, tomato and onion sauces
2200 AMD

Kadai Paneer
#27 Kadai Paneer
250g, cottage cheese, medium spice sauce, onion, capsicum
3000 AMD

Shahi Paneer
#29 Shahi Paneer
250g, cottage cheese, creamy garlic onion sauce
3000 AMD

Paneer Matter
#31 Paneer Matter
250g, peas, homemade cheese
3100 AMD

Chola Bhatura
#32 Chola Bhatura
250g, fried bread, chick peas, curry
2500 AMD

Aloo Gobhi
#33 Aloo Gobhi
250g, spices potatoes, cauliflower, onion, tomato sauce
2300 AMD

Jeera Aloo
#34 Jeera Aloo
250g, potato, cumin, onion, tomatoes
2000 AMD

Aloo Matter
#35 Aloo Matter
250g, potato, peas, mildly hot sauce
2100 AMD

Bhindi Masala
#36 Bhindi Masala
200g, okra, onion and tomato sauce
2000 AMD

Chana Masala
#38 Chana Masala
250g, chickpeas, tomato, onion, Rich sauce
2000 AMD

Mix veg curry
#39 Mix veg curry
300g, seasonal vegetables, curry sauce
2200 AMD

Egg Burgi
#40 Egg Burgi
200g, scrambled eggs, onion, tomatoes, chilly
1500 AMD

Egg curry
#41 Egg curry
250g, eggs, mild curry sauce
2500 AMD

Egg noodles
#42 Egg noodles
300g, egg, Chinese seasoning
2800 AMD

Egg fried rice
#43 Egg fried rice
300g, seasonal vegetables, egg, rice, Chinese seasoning
2500 AMD

Matter Pulao
#45 Matter Pulao
200g, basmati rice, peas
2000 AMD

Gobhi Manchurian
#46 Gobhi Manchurian
200g, fried cauliflower, garlic chilly sauce
2200 AMD

Vegetable Biryani
#47 Vegetable Biryani
350g, basmati rice, spicy sauce, vegetables, Indian herbs
2500 AMD

Paneer Butter masala
#49 Paneer Butter masala
250g, cottage cheese, creamy butter tomato sauce
3200 AMD

Vegetable noodles
2800 AMD

Puri Bhaji
#52 Puri Bhaji
250g, fried bread, potato, curry
2200 AMD

Indian hot dishes
Butter Chapati
#54 Butter Chapati
2pcs, butter, wheat bread
1200 AMD

Dal Tadka
#55 Dal Tadka
250g, lentil, onion and tomato sauce
2000 AMD

Mutton Roganjosh
#56 Mutton Roganjosh
250g, lamb, heavenly spicy sauce
3800 AMD

Pepper Mutton
#57 Pepper Mutton
250g, lamb, pepper sauce
3500 AMD

Rajma Masala
#58 Rajma Masala
250g, beans, onion and tomato sauce, Indian herbs
2300 AMD

Chilly Paneer
#59 Chilly Paneer
200g, fried cottage cheese, sweet and sour sauce
3200 AMD

Jeera rice
#61 Jeera rice
200g, Basmati rice, cumin seeds
2000 AMD

Onion Paratha
#64 Onion Paratha
1pc, bread stuffed with onion and coriander
1000 AMD

Aloo Paratha
#66 Aloo Paratha
wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and coriander
1000 AMD

Gobi Paratha
#68 Gobi Paratha
1pc, wheat bread stuffed with cauliflower
1100 AMD

1000 AMD

Plain Paratha
1200 AMD

Soft Drinks
7up 0.5l
350 AMD

Salted Lassi
#79 Salted Lassi
0.5l, bleded yogurt with spices
1000 AMD

Sweet Lassi
#81 Sweet Lassi
0.5l, blended yoghurt with sugar
1000 AMD

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